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Lolita Peradze

I met Lolita in a condo Open House sponsored by her and her company. My first impression is that she’s very friendly, full of energy, charming, yet professional. After talking to her for a while, I realize she’s smart, straight forward and very knowledgeable about NYC real estate market, especially UWS.

With readily available full listing information on internet, I had ventured into buying an apartment without a buyer’s broker. I made a few offers. In two cases, my offers were $10k and $20k above listing prices. Still, I didn’t succeed. Through the process I realized that in NYC real estate market, the work of a good broker can be crucial. So I decided to seek Lolita’s help.

After some conversation and a few email exchanges, she put together a list of condos for me to see. She made appointments and managed the schedule efficiently. She’d always give me objective pros and cons of each place and steered me towards good deals. Some complications came up during the negotiation. She worked hard and was very driven to get things done. Her excellent knowledge about the market, good relationship with other realtors, smart and out-of-the-box thinking played a crucial role in sealing the deal. During my mortgage application, the bank hit a brick wall with the building, aka building manager. Lolita stepped in and facilitated the communication. The bank was able to quickly obtain what they need and eventually approved my mortgage and put the building on its approved list.

Based on my experience, Lolita is a very valuable agent. Her good knowledge about the market will give you a good start and steer you to focus on good values. Her efficiency, organization skill and forward thinking will keep the process on track, like any good agent. What sets her apart from other good agents is that when complications arise, which happens surprisingly more often than one’d expect, her intelligence, resources, creative thinking and good working relationship with other agents as well as building managers will help you to overcome the obstacles. I’m very happy with her work and recommend her without any reservation.

Eric Zhu
On October 3, 2013

"A testimonial to the skill and professional manner of Lolita Skvortsova:

It is truly a pleasure and with great satisfaction that I write a testimonial summary of my experience with Lolita Skvortsova as the realtor who sold my apartment. 
After listing my apartment with a "well known and established vice president" realtor in another company for over one year with no results due to "a poor view from the windows and problems with the condo board" I met Lolita  and gave her an exclusive opportunity at what was considered impossible.  Within the first few months the price was slightly adjusted to what was appropriate and many clients were shown the apartment with an optimistic flair.  I was always kept informed by Lolita of perspective client's comments in a timely manner by email and phone conversations. 
Eventually, in this difficult market, Lolita singled out a reputable buyer and singlehandedly closed the deal at market price.  She helped to guide the attorney that I selected through the closing process several times when negotiations appeared to be stalled. 
I am extremely grateful for Lolita's tenacity, honesty and positive outlook.  She epitomizes President John Kennedy's definition of courage as "grace under pressure".
I rarely write testimonials for people, however this is one of those exceptions.  I could not have asked for more from a real estate agent.

Alan Nevins DDS"

To whom it may concern:

 During summer of 2012 we engaged Ms. Lolita Skvortsova as a real estate agent for purchasing a condominium.

We were very pleased and impressed with her professionalism, punctuality and overall positive and friendly attitude. Ms. Lolita Skvortsova was always knowledgeable, reliable and a pleasure to work with.

 We highly recommend Ms. Lolita Skvortsova's services as a real estate agent, and fully intend to engage her again for any real estate transactions we may have in the future.

 Orly and David Raanan

To whom it may concern,

Ms. Lolita Skvortsova has played an instrumental role in selling my apartment at 120 Riverside Boulevard in New York in 2012. Her professionalism and most of all pro-activeness facilitated a smooth transaction and ensured a fair price in the current market. Lolita had solid knowledge of all aspects of the real-estate market, and with ease navigated the selling process. Her charm and openness was also a big plus and it was a pleasure working with her.

I am writing this to express my experience working with Lolita Skvortsova; I can sincerely recommend her services to anyone seeking to buy or sell real-estate.




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